Maraenobiotus insignipes is considered as a typical inhabitant of interstitial groundwater biotopes.

Key characteristics

Both exopod and endopod in the first leg of Maraenobiotus insignipes are 2-segmented, while legs 2–3 has a 3-segmented exopod and a 2-segmented endopod. The last exopod segment of leg 2 has one inner seta, while the last exopod segment of leg 3 has two inner seta. Its rostrum is reduced. The operculum has 9–15 fine spines, while the caudal ramus is robust, and approximately twice as long as wide with a conspicuous and copious armour. The antennule consists of eight segments.

Female: Length 0.54–0.75 mm

Male: Length 0.44–0.57 mm

Ecology and distribution

Maraenobiotus insignipes has a scattered distribution in East- and Northern Norway, and is mostly recorded in mosses from ponds situated at higher altitudes. It has a Palearctic and Nearctic distribution.